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Prior to Real Estate, Thomas Mirkovich had a diverse career in the Film and Broadcasting industry.  After 15 years, Thomas felt he had hit his own personal peak and it was time for radical change. The moment he decided to commit to Real Estate, everything changed.

Thomas discovered very early on that real estate was not just about buying and selling properties. It is about exceptional service. It is about being an advocate, a facilitator, an educator, and at times, a personal concierge to his clients by continuing to be there for them well after the deal is done. 

The biggest surprise for Thomas was discovering how Real estate fuelled his love for learning and creativity, while providing him the freedom to explore and stand out in a competitive market.  What keeps Thomas going day after day is meeting people and getting to know their individual needs.  No two real estate deals are ever the same. Adapting and tailoring to a client’s unique needs is what makes this industry exciting and gratifying.

Thomas’ goal is simple : To be the Realtor he wishes he had when he needed a Realtor the most. This is the philosophy behind the Love The 416 Team; having your back from start to finish and beyond.



Thomas Mirkovich
Thomas Mirkovich
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